Where we Started

Posted on November 01 2014

Not long after my 18 Month old Daughter was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (A diagnosis given to children suspected of Autism before the age of 3) we were in the grocery store when she had her first nuclear meltdown.  I'm very lucky, they don't happen very often, but when they do...

It's hard tell what causes them; could be I don't have what she wants in my gigantic hobo style bag that carries every little thing I think she might possibly need during a 1 hour outing, it could be the lighting, the noise, or the tag on her shirt.  If only she could communicate, I could surely fix the problem.  But she can't, and I couldn't.  I felt every eye in the store on me, when I noticed a store clerk glance over at another customer and roll their eyes; as if to say, "What an over indulgent parent she must be to allow that kind of behavior?"  I quickly finished paying for my groceries, skulked out to my car, slumped over my steering wheel, and had a very ugly cry.

I thought it would be easier to carry a huge sign that ready "My child is Autistic, I'm not just a bad Mother", rather than experience another look from a disapproving bystander.  Since a sign wasn't practical, and the t-shirts available at the time were rather generic and frankly largely unnoticeable, I decided to make my own.  It seemed to do the trick, in fact people were asking me about my shirts, even on good days when we weren't making a scene.  Pretty soon everyone was asking me to make them shirts, and my business was born!