You'd think Autism Awareness Products would be limited to that which you would display in public, t-shirts, tote bags, hats.  Pillows are usually confined to use in our homes.  And anyone who's been a guest in our home is probably keenly aware that we are a family living with Autism, why add pillows to the mess?

But Autism Pillows actually make great gifts.  They're perfect for your office, waiting room, or even a kids play room.  Pillows make great thank you gifts for teachers, ABA & Occupational therapist, or any member of your families support team you'd like to give a little thank you to.  Even your Family Doctors & Dentist, who have been incredibly patient with you, your child, and you whole family would benefit from an Autism Pillow.  We've all been in a waiting room with all the judgmental eyes on us because we're not sitting calmly and quietly waiting for the perceived torture your child knows is coming.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an Autism Pillow to throw at them?  Okay, so don't throw it, but maybe it will at least make them aware that People with Autism occasion this establishment!  I'll bet the front office staff would appreciate it too.