As a parent of an autistic child, sometimes you have the energy to open up dialogue with the public and share great personal details about your autistic child and educate complete strangers.  And sometimes you just need a quick way to let passersby know that your autistic child is not ill mannered and you are not actually a bad parent. Wearing an autism awareness shirt thankfully does just that.  It coveys instant awareness at the most basic level to the general public.  It’s then up to you whether to act upon their curiosity, or use it to buy some extra peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about making excuses or apologies to strangers oblivious to your unique circumstance.  We would all certainly love to be able to be a permanent on-call spokesperson for autism, but the the reality of life as a parent or guardian of an autistic child is that sometimes you have to give yourself permission to just relax a bit.

An Autism Awareness t-shirt allows you to do just that, let your guard down.