It wasn’t that long ago that the average person’s awareness of autism revolved solely around having seen the movie Rain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.  Now that Autism has become much more prevalent in society with diagnosis increasing rapidly, almost everyone now knows someone through either direct family or friends that is dealing with autism.  Unfortunately the level of understanding of autism and the associated ASD disorders have remained very basic and have not expanded much beyond the stereotypical depiction of autism shown in that movie. 
Please help us get the word out about autism and share your personal experiences and knowledge with the world.  Because this is a spectrum disorder, everyone has their own personal and very unique stories to share.  Please wear your autism apparel and clothing often and with pride.  Wearing your autism awareness clothing instantly makes you much more approachable, and will allow you the opportunity to act as a beacon of hope and a spreader of knowledge.  It’s far past time to raise public awareness levels to a degree of competency beyond the levels of simple familiarity.  It’s not enough to dimly have heard of someone or seen someone with autism.  Let’s get the word out there that people with autism need help, support , and understanding from everyone, not just from those immediately affected.

Please consider giving donations to your local autism organization or school. Your kind donations will provide much needed help with early intervention programs, awareness outreach initiatives, and ongoing training in occupational therapy, and vocational programs.

All purchases from the Autism Awareness Shop directly benefit the artist and owner of this site, a parent raising a daughter with Autism.